Friday, September 30, 2011

It's an Adventure!

That's what my husband, Chuck, and I are always telling each other whenever we set off to do something new or out of the ordinary. Well, the last few months have certainly led to a new adventure for us.

In June we finally decided to tear off the bandage and list our condo. We didn't quite have enough for a down payment on a new place yet but figured that with the housing market in the state that it is in it would be quite a while before our condo sold - giving us enough time to save up the rest of. Little did we know that 6 weeks later our condo would be under contract. AHHH! As if listing wasn't stressful enough, now we had to find a short-term apartment to rent for not only my husband and I but our two dogs and two cats (main reason to unload the 900 square foot condo and move into a larger house with a yard). Let me just add that there are absolutely NO rental properties in Salt Lake City that will allow more than two pets. What were we going to do? We do have some very near and dear friends that offered to board the pooches while we were in house limbo, but the very idea of being parted form any members of our family absolutely broke our hearts - many tears were shed. Our stress level increased with each day drawing closer to the closing date for the condo - were we going to board the pups, find the kitties new homes, live in a tent - and on top of it all, the closing kept getting pushed back due to a buyer who may not have had all her financial ducks in a row. We were at our wit's end with all of the unknowns. And then the Big One hit - my 30th birthday! Life was spiraling out of control!

This ended up being the turning point for our little family. On the very day that I took my leap from the Roaring 20's into the Dirty 30's a very generous relative offered to gift us the remaining amount we needed for a down payment on a new house! We were moved beyond words and set off right away to find the perfect home for our brood. Less than 48 hours later we had found our home! Ta da!

There is one small catch... We close and move out of the condo on October 18th but won't close on the house until November 1st. Not a huge issue. We'll just have to board the pups with our friends while we crash at an extended-stay hotel with the kitties. Again, Chuck just says, "It's an adventure! Just think of it as a two week vacation…" where we'll have to go to work. So it's more like a business trip.

Long story short, off with the old and on with the new! We're so excited to start this new chapter in life in which I'm planning to post every little adventure ranging from diy projects, the culinary masterpieces I will be able to create in an actual kitchen, family news, pretty much anything and everything! I hope you'll enjoy our little escapades as much as we hope to. :)

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